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For instance, attackers could replace a URL that originally directed the user to a legitimate website by a malicious one that sends the user to a compromised site designed to infect users with malware or steal sensitive info, such as their credentials and banking details.

While some systems are designed to detect the URL switch preventing users from opening up the malicious link, other users could be left at a security risk.

Then, social networking site initially denied in an email that it was hacked, but admitted later in a post that the leaked data was from 2012, confirming our report, and that logins were force-reset after the fact.

Together with archaeological and paleopedological data, C dating helped to clarify and, in general, to confirm the 3-stage periodization of the Pit-Grave culture in the Volga-Ural interfluve: the early (Repino) stage, 4000–3300 BC; the advanced (classical) stage, 3300–2600 BC, which is divided into substages A and B at 3300–29–2600 BC, respectively; and the late (Poltavkinsky) stage, 2600–2300 BC.

The data in the breach contains email addresses and plain text passwords.

Read more about Chinese data breaches in Have I been pwned.

The hacks took over like a fever, fueled by the reasonable expectation -- given the hackers' apparently high level of access -- that more breaches would emerge.

Two rival sellers of almost one billion accounts -- with more to come. For Silicon Valley, the outbreak of recent confirmed data breaches served up a brutal reminder: security really matters.

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Therefore, we excavated 3 kurgan groups in the Orenburg region of Russia during the last decade.

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