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The challenge, in these times, as in all times, is to cultivate and strive to maintain an internal (i.e.spiritual and emotional) zone of safety and comfort throughout notwithstanding the external happenings.Teachers will present the lesson of the day from the Workbook of a Course in Miracles.This divine message brings you to the awareness, through this extraordinary mind training, that you are whole and perfect as God created.They have no deep rooted connectivity and seem to be victims of a kind of DOS attack.There seems then to be some influence and people involved seem to lack coherence and grounding in reality? https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/category/cultism/ Here is their International site: Here is their Irish site. Non duality, similar to the School of Philosophy, ascension like the The Mystery School of Religion, and the parallels continue…………I decided that either this view of reality was true or it had been hardwired into our brains by evolution.

So I became interested in questions of spiritual truth.A Course In Miracles reminds us that there is but one problem in the world and that it has already been solved.That problem is the notion that we are separate physical beings. Death of the physical body is in reality not an end of energy but simply a manner of transformation of it.I explored the areas that so many of us havemysticism, comparative religion, parapsychology, near-death experiencesand concluded that whenever a person got an experiential glimpse of something beyond the physical, he or she saw roughly the same worldview.Even though there were differences in what was glimpsed, the similarities in the basic view of reality really grabbed me, as I had never been taught anything remotely like this.

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