Abundance mentality dating

If there really isn’t a problem with the overwhelming majority of black women then why are over 70% of them single?I’m no stranger to writing about controversial subjects in spite of the possibility of being hung in the court of public opinion. Personally, I’d never had sexual relations with a girl under the age of 18!It’s definitely an unsettling realization to come to.

However, law-makers have amended it to 16 since the year 1995 [according to Wikepedia].

Men, on the other hand, are just doing what they want and don’t care what anyone thinks about it.

They’re not talking about all the hot chicks they hook up with; they’re out meeting hot chicks.

Note, since writing this article it seems that Mario has seen removed the tweet and made his account private, no doubt the angry and bitter black sisterhood descended upon his page and were giving him maximum grief, hence why he has stopped dealing with them altogether.

Of course black women are permitted to celebrate their interracial relationships all day, however in their eyes black men are not allowed to do the same.

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What, are we just going to ignore all of black male celebrities both old and young who have come out this year alone and stated that they have crossed black women off their lists?

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