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Piaget was born in Switzerland in the late 1800s and was a precocious student, publishing his first scientific paper when he was just 11 years old.His early exposure to the intellectual development of children came when he worked as an assistant to Albert Binet and Theodore Simon as they worked to standardize their famous IQ test.You point to a train and ask your aunt where the 'buses' are going.She tells you that what you are pointing at is a train.Schemas are categories of knowledge that help us to interpret and understand the world.In Piaget’s view, a schema includes both a category of knowledge and the process of obtaining that knowledge.During summer break, you visit your aunt who lives in a major city.

His theories, however, can also be useful for understanding learning in general and can be applied quite usefully to survivors of trauma.

Instead, he proposed, intelligence is something that grows and develops through a series of stages.

Older children do not just think more quickly than younger children, he suggested.

If the child’s sole experience has been with small dogs, a child might believe that all dogs are small, furry, and have four legs.

Suppose then that the child encounters a very large dog.

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