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Accuracy; ACES; Analog; APAS; Biomechanics; Digitize; Discus; EMG; Exercise Machine; Favorite; Force Plate; Legal; Media; Performance Analysis; Science; Shotput; Sports; Studies; Track and Field; Volleyball; Symposium on Olympic Sports Medicine Resistive Training Gideon B. In ancient Greece, Milo the wrestler used progressive resistance exercises to improve his strength. The relationship between resistance exercises and muscle strength has been known for centuries.

This information has stimulated the medical and sports professions, especially coaches and athletes, to try many combinations and techniques of muscle overload.His original method consisted of lifting a calf each day until it reached its full growth, and this technique provides probably the first example of progressive resistance exercises.Today, it is well documented in the literature that the size of skeletal muscle is affected by the amount of muscular activity performed.Since its introduction in 2004 the Scrum Truk has been routinely used for enhancing the basic strength, muscle mass and explosiveness of rugby union players of all levels and ages. This paper examines the Myo Truk and its capacity to facilitate strength, power and speed development, whilst concurrently comparing it to traditional weight training exercises such as variations of the squat and Olympic type lifts.

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