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Luckily for me, Adam hadn’t taken much notice of my sweater-wearing antics. I’ve done a pretty good job of hiding my self-harm from him if I do say so myself. ” He knocks on the bedroom door quietly, asking for permission to come in. It wasn’t in a sexual way, It felt full of love as opposed to lust.“Hmm…” I contemplate, smiling to myself.

He sits down nest to me on the edge of the bed and I put down the book I’d been reading.

What began as a potential friendship soon turned into a fraught rivalry.

How to live under the same roof with someone who you can not stand?

“Or we could go see a film…” Adam kisses my neck gently, sending shivers through my body. “I don’t care, I just want to spend time with you.” He admits.“Alright,” I say, standing up and walking over to the cupboard where we keep the films. ”“Anything.”“Hmmm, how about The Nightmare Before Christmas? His hand trails up and down my back, relaxing me slightly.

“Well…” He begins “We could go to the beach…” He murmurs into my hair. “We could just stay home and watch a film if you want.”“That kind of defeats the purpose of going out Adam.” I tease him. “I don’t know.” I cry, bringing my hands to my face.“Shh…” He whispers, spinning me around to face him, he pulls me into a comforting embrace.

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Together they formed the Canadian rock band, Three Days Grace in 1997.

Can you do an adam gontier one where you’re dating him and he finds out you self harm This may be triggering. -It’s October, Finally the time of year where I won’t get teased for wearing jumpers 24/7 has come around. I’ve told him countless times that he can just walk in, after all it is his room too.

The endless drone of people asking “Do you want to go swimming? However, he refuses to because he doesn’t want to invade my privacy.“Yeah? He pokes his head around the doorframe before entering the room.

He is also popular for being a singer and songwriter.

He is well known for being the lead singer and guitarist of the musical super group, Saint Asonia. Tall and handsome, Adam Gontier was born as Adam Wade Gontier in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to Patricia, and Gordon Gontier. When Adam was in his high school, he met his first wife Naomi Faith Brewer there.

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