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The scenarios may include bath time, storytelling, crib play, highchair feedings, and diaper changes.

Many enthusiasts enjoy dressing up for the parts of the adult baby/child and the mommy or daddy role.

There is probably a fetish for just about anything you can think of.

Thank you so much to all the people who've favourited the game and added me to their Deviant Watch as a result of it! DEMO RELEASE VER 1.0.5 CHANGELOG: DEVELOPER UPDATES: I'm so, so sorry this update has taken so long to come out. Amazing game Guest-1001 really enjoyed it, my only problem with it was it all being in first person.

As I've written about before, it took a long time because I got a new job back in January and it eats up all of my time. So this new update isn't even as significant as others in the past (most updates have 2-3 new events. On the plus side, Voloh has been produced a ton of artwork in the meantime, to the point where he's even updated an event he was unhappy with before (Mari's 5th event). IMPORTANT NOTE: Previous saved games are incompatible with newer versions of the game. IMO it would have been great to be able to pick an avatar for your character when you choose a name.

They can be about domination or submission, baby clothing, objects, situations, tastes, smells, anal anything at all.

Other people may feel indifference, discomfort, pain or disgust, fetishists see it as the ultimate pleasure.

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