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The khan is holding one by a rope strung through its nose. It’s moving day; everything the khan owns needs to be tied to the back of a yak.

But for now, with no car and no road, the reality is a yak.

And then his people—the Kyrgyz nomads of remote Afghanistan—might have a legitimate chance to thrive. The two powers created it, through a series of treaties between 18, as a buffer zone—a sort of geographical shock absorber—preventing tsarist Russia from touching British India.

Their land consists of two long, glacier-carved valleys, called pamirs, stashed deep within the great mountains of Central Asia. This strip, often referred to as the Wakhan corridor, was a result of the 19th century’s so-called Great Game, when the British and Russian Empires fought for influence in Central Asia.

We consider him to be shuhada (a martyr), and Allah knows best.

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“A lot of records I’ve done stemmed from epochal experiences in my life – and this time I’ve used them all,” Dulli says. A., New Orleans, Cincinnati, and Joshua Tree – a virtual map of the band’s past and present homes.

“The album was named in Cincinnati, which is especially fitting,” Dulli notes.

He was part of a group of at least 25 Kerala residents who travelled together to Nangarhar, telling friends and family that they wished to participate in building what they considered to be a truly Islamic society.

Watch what else is making news: Khadeeja Hakeem, Hafesudheen’s mother, received a message early on Sunday morning telling her that her son had “attained martyrdom”.

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