The answer, according to the website’s “About Us” page, is “why not?” But despite criticisms that the website is inherently racist, Sam Russell, the 53-year-old Utah man who founded the website with his wife Tami, told the Washington Post that the site is not racially motivated in any way.The Thai beauty company Seoul Secret was forced to apologise and withdraw the controversial advert that was uploaded to its Facebook page.The video advert for ‘Snowz’ skin-lightening supplement pills features a local celebrity attributing her success to her pale complexion.

Go to "Properties" and capture the line that says "Location:"It'll look something like this: Wow!

The advert caused outrage on social media, and many complained that it was racist and reinforced narrow conceptions of beauty.

The company, Seoul Secret, said in a statement: ‘Our company did not have any intention to convey discrimination or racist messages.

All White is finally here to fulfill all of my racist dating needs! They filmed an episode about farts that the Discovey Channel wouldn't air.

Charming SWM White Nationalist Skin has this to say: I'm a dream Man for ONE special Racially Aware White Woman. It should come as a surprize to no one that I am a fan of the TV show Mythbusters. In one segment they prove that it is possible to light a fart on fire and in the second episode, they get the magically babe-licious Kari Byron to wear a pair of stink reducing underwear. and that graphic that looks like Poochie's computer going surfing?

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