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When you factor in Cameran’s you and naive personality with the fact that Brad was just out of a long term relationship, you’re headed for disaster.Though this relationship didn’t work both Brad and Cameran have been able to date other people and even marry a Road Ruler!This week, we're talking to Marie Roda, a member of the current Real World and the upcoming Challenge: Battle of the Seasons 2.From Staten Island to the Virgin Islands, one cast member of The Real World: St.

Sure, they arrived together and therefore had some extra time to bond, but when the Goon Squad co-founders settled in on their first night away from home and the proverbial sparks flew, we knew we had a winner. She accidentally flaunted her foul mouth in front of Robb's impressionable little sister, but quickly eclipsed her language faux pas with a bout of infectious laughter. They Have Matching Tats For whatever reason--an appreciation of life, or perhaps fond memories of watching "The Lion King" as children--this tag-team got inked with the same happy catch phrase long before meeting.

Playing on the exes theme for the upcoming Real World season, I’d like to stroll down memory lane and check out some of the previous relationships on The Real World that were doomed from the start.

As much as I liked some of these couples, I knew that they weren’t meant to last.

Wes & Johanna Real World Austin As much as I liked these two when they were together, I think we all knew it was an odd match.

Wes was known for her arrogance and groupie drawer during Real World Austin, and Johanna was typically a calmer person who didn’t seem like she’d put up with these antics.

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