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The Java Script Serializer that came before it actually does support non-typed objects for serialization but it can't do anything with untyped data coming in from Java Script and it's overall model of extensibility was pretty limited (Java Script Serializer is what MVC uses for JSON responses). NET provides a robust JSON serializer that has both high level and low level components, supports binary JSON, JSON contracts, Xml to JSON conversion, LINQ to JSON and many, many more features than either of the built in serializers. One of the features that I think is getting ever more important is the ability to serialize and deserialize arbitrary JSON content dynamically - that is without mapping the JSON captured directly into a . The Data Contract Serializer in particular has been very problematic in the past because it can't deal with untyped objects for serialization - like values of type or anonymous types which are quite common these days. NET as its default serializer and is now pulled in as a Nu Get dependency into Web API projects, which is great.One nice feature of the JSON Patch library is that it also supports C# dynamic objects making it possible to use add/remove operations to add or remove properties. NET Core Json Patch library to support partial updates (patches) in your APIs using JSON Patch operations. Shortly after publishing this post, Nancy core contributor and evangelist Jonathan Channon added support for the ASP.

As the docs say, you can bind data control to anything that implements IEnumerable.

When data is fetched from a server which uses some specific field to identify items, this field name can be specified in the Data Set using the option An object containing field names as key, and data types as value.

By default, the type of the properties of items are left unchanged.

The size of each dimension is determined in two ways, which may be freely mixed in a multidimensional array : Dynamic arrays have no preallocated storage. Such arrays must have their length set before they can be used. Individual subarrays of a multidimensional dynamic array may have different sized dimensions - they are, of course, separate arrays.

For example : Set Length(dyn Array, 5); sets the dyn Array single dimension array size to 5 elements. After one such Set Length operation, elements of the set array may be referenced, even though the rest of the array is undefined.

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