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In Visual Studio 2013 we introduced the Add New Scaffolded Item dialog. One of the really great features that we had with the Add View/Add Controller ASP.This dialog replaced the Add View/Add Controllers ASP. NET MVC dialog was the ability to override the generated output of the dialog box. If you wanted to tweak the result of the dialog box you’d have to copy the corresponding T4 file (more info on T4) into the right spot in your project, modify it to suit your needs and after that when you invoke the dialog box the updated t4 file(s) will be used instead of the default ones. We’ve simplified the end-to-end flow though by using Side Waffle.The dependencies that you would need to enable the add scaffolded item are below: Entity Framework. Mvc": "1.0.0-rc1-final", This functionality seems to have disappeared.

While debugging is a natural and certainly very helpful part of working through any tutorial, in many cases readers have limited time to learn such material and probably in some cases never end up finding 'the appropriate' solution and end up not learning as much as they could have... Hello, I'm using grails version 2.4.5 with hibernate version: and I have the same problem as Mauim the file doesn't save to de corresponding table in the BD. Execute the 'save' method indicating flush:true .2. Both of them were ok, but I don't understand why without doing it , the saving doesnt work.

At the stage of being in Ch8 I'm assuming that all of the scaffolding is still supposed to be functional, or has the book's progression of Hubbub coded in some conflicts at this stage that will be resolved in later chapters? If possible, I'd like to resolve this issue before moving on in the book... I am using last grails 2.4.4 when I delete byte[] photo then update works.

But if I live it I am not able to generate dynamic or static scaffolding code which works.

This is one example of how we are delivering on the “One ASP. We’ve also released the same support for Visual Studio 2012, checkout our previous post at more info on how to get started in VS2012 with the new features.

In this post I’ll first describe how you can customize the generated contents of the New Scaffoldded Item dialog box as well as explain how that works.

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