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In true 90s fashion, he wears a sweater vest, has shortly cropped hair, and holds an antique copy of Langston Hughes poetry tucked under his arm.

But his most visible quality is that he’s Biracial.

Some may think I’m shallow for daydreaming about my race double.

After all, I’m Biracial because my parents were in an interracial relationship.

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This man eludes me, because he doesn’t often exist.

Not because of the sweater vest or the antique book, but simply because there aren’t that many Biracial guys out there, and the few I do know aren’t with Biracial girls.

We look for what’s familiar, even when we become romantically involved with someone outside of our race.

And yet, if you had asked Richard and Mildred Loving, the couple who fought that legal battle against Virginia, whether one of their mixed-race kids (they had three, the first born in the late '50s) might grow up to be president, they would have been skeptical, to say the least.

Today, we have a biracial president who was born around the same time that the Lovings were having kids.

For the past several months I haven’t been writing on here but rather focused my attention writing for other websites. As a biracial man, I get the pleasure of checking off the “I Identify with two or more races” box on job applications, surveys, census research, and dating profiles.

Here is an article I wrote for Thrillist – you can peep the original article here. Simply read on – (I posted the article in full below) As always – be sure to let me know what you think. My father is black, my mother is white, and I resemble the latter more than the former.

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