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In doing so, she is faced with making a series of choices whose outcomes not only impact on her ...

See full summary » A beautiful and talented fashion designer's excitement in landing a dream job is complicated when her new boss takes more than a professional interest in her, which makes her question her ...

“Well, I don’t actually have a fetus photo but I can try and track one down for you.” Like Carol Burnett, Mc Manus is a fearless comedic force and has been performing stand-up for five years.

Her style is conversational, personal, provocative, and uninhibited.

See full summary » First something that I want to insist on because probably nobody else will: surprisingly enough, as in most lesbian series, the choice and acting of the male actors is excellent.

See full summary » Zoe's regimented life is thrown into upheaval when she unexpectedly falls in love.Everyone, gay and straight, should support gay marriage because all human beings are equal and should be treated as such.” City conservatory program in Los Angeles, Mc Manus writes a daily column for After called “Afternoon Delight,” and is currently working on her third comedy special, “Chaos & Cleavage.” She recently shot the second season of “Mc Manusland,” a mockumentary series about her life starring her wife Karman, their dogs, and cat Shelby, and two new webseries: "Batgirl: Spoiled” about superheros, and "The Throwaways,“ a drama about homeless gay teens in Chicago. At NYU, Mc Manus worked as the assistant scenic artist for the drama department’s undergraduate main stage productions (including starring Bryce Dallas Howard), but after graduation she didn’t pick up a paintbrush for over 10 years. creating dark forests, portraits of 1970s rock stars and Gustav Klimt-inspired acrylic paintings.” Mc Manus recently had her first gallery showing at the Liberty Arts Gallery in Long Beach, California.The Lesbian Culture Club has partnered with LAWN and pillars of lesbian entertainment to celebrate National Coming Out Day.Comedian Bridget Mc Manus is smart, funny and a big ‘mo.May 2012 Cover Story by Diana Phillips, Senior Staff Writer - Ignite SA Magazine Full Text: Bridget Mc Manus: On Comedy, Art, and Winning the Golden Ticketby Diana Phillips, Senior Staff Writer - Ignite SA Magazine“I wanted to be a stand-up comedian since I was a fetus and I have the photos to prove it,” Bridget Mc Manus asserts.

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Keating are so spot on in all their psychological nuances that they are far, far, far above Hollywood mainstream.

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