Canadian laws against dating violence

She claimed that this is particularly likely to occur in cases where the victim has made repeated visits to the station or where the perpetrator is perceived as powerful or occupies a position within the state security forces (ibid.).

For example, she cited a 2004 case in which the police and the attorney general's office failed to act on complaints made by a woman who reported being abused by a parliamentarian (ibid.).

She claimed as well that health facilities outside of Asunción lack the necessary personnel to deal with instances of psychological abuse, and that medical facilities sometimes fail to provide the court with the victim's medical report, because some physicians are unwilling to testify in court (ibid.).

Century the Conqueror will not allow persons to be hanged except. Providing a legal framework for the protection of victims of physical, psychological or sexual abuse by a family member, the law outlines the duties of the courts, the police and health institutions in response to such incidents (Paraguay 6 Oct. In particular, the law empowers justices of the peace to receive domestic violence complaints and order protective measures (medidas de protección) such as excluding the perpetrator from the family home or prohibiting him or her from approaching the victim (ibid., Art. Furthermore, the police are required to come to the aid of the victim; to arrest the perpetrator when he or she is found in flagrante delicto; to submit a report to a justice of the peace court within 24 hours; and to carry out any protective measures ordered by a justice of the peace (ibid., Art. Additionally, the law stipulates that public health facilities must provide victims with a medical examination and any required treatment, and forward a copy of the medical report to the court within 24 hours (ibid.). 1,600 is civil in nature and does not provide for any sanctions against perpetrators, article 229 of the 1998 penal code establishes domestic violence as a crime punishable by a fine, provided that it consists of physical violence and is carried out "habitually" (habitualmente) (CLADEM n.d.).In a 25 October 2004 telephone interview, the national coordinator of the Paraguayan chapter of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defence of Women's Rights (Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer, CLADEM) provided an assessment of the effectiveness of the country's domestic violence legislation. 1,600 has had a positive impact, for example by educating the public on the problem of domestic violence, she claimed that there are significant deficiencies in the manner in which it has been implemented (CLADEM 25 Oct. For example, she cited instances in which justices of the peace have ordered the victim and perpetrator to take part in mediation, despite the fact that there is no provision for such an intervention under the terms of the law (ibid.).Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Paraguay: Protection available to victims of domestic violence; effectiveness of the law against domestic violence; whether the courts prosecute perpetrators of such violence, 3 November 2004, PRY43095.E, available at: 27 August 2017] This is not a UNHCR publication.

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