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Yet, it also left a gap that still challenges many singles today, being the transition from online to off-line, assessing the suitability of ‘liked’ profiles, and finding safe ways to meet and mingle with other solos of the right age group.

New technology has filled this gap with City Swoon, considered the Uber of dating.

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"But so long as you have fun or meet someone."And there was no time for awkward conversations.

Seeing this sort of trend today across various industries it is not surprising that dating has not been spared either.

From the traditional local hall dance to meet members of the opposite sex, to the emergence of classifieds and personal ads, both of which have largely been left behind once internet dating came in.

Technology has caused disruption across many an industry, we only need to look at the likes of Airbnb, Netflix or Uber, all of which have changed their industry forever.

User demand usually fuels the need for a next-generation approach, with more refined user behaviour data and the advancement of technology giving birth to what quickly becomes a new platform that find fast adaptation and creates revolutionary change in that industry.

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In the world of seed dating you can expect to get down and dirty with a partner within the first six minutes.

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