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Jackie said, “This morning we were picking out each other’s underwear, and it’s crazy, within three legs of the Race we’re that comfortable with each other.” Then she closed their door, on which hung a “do not disturb” sign.

At p.m., Jelani & Jenny ripped the clue, which told them to fly to Phuket, Thailand.

AIRPORT TROUBLES FOR TEAM NEW KID In Phuket, Thailand, Mike & Rochelle became the first previously-dating couple to win a leg.

Harley & Jonathan never caught up after landing in Thailand twelve hours after the other teams, but were saved by non-elimination.

Glenn Block confesses that he and Craig recently started dating but wanted to keep it under wraps because he was actually married and his wife recently found out.

Block’s wife, angry and with motive, also has an alibi.

Idiots don’t really understand what the Second Amendment means. Do you really believe two ugly cretins like those characters would suddenly start making out just because their hands touched in the chip bowl? Today’s news makes it sound as if Spyker will buy Saab after all. Clearly he’s relishing the opportunity to point out, yet again, the moronic decisions made by corporate types.

They think arms equals handguns when it could just as easily apply to Sherman tanks or flame throwers. Whacko, if you think you have an inalienable right to carry a pistol, I’m going to install a thermonuclear missile on my balcony. The ad has nothing to do with being gay and looking for love. Nothing more than an overgrown, too expensive i Pod Touch. The deal still needs final approval of financing but it sounds pretty solid.

Guaranteed to be Vain & Vapid™ or double your money back. It’s short, snappy and makes a fun way to reference the wretched 10 years we’ve just completed.

SOME MORE COMFORTABLE THAN OTHERS In the rural and mountainous city of Nagano, Japan, teams headed to the hotel at the Pit Stop.

Blind-dating lawyers Jelani & Jenny chose to stay in separate rooms, as did So Cal couple Laura & Tyler.

The neighbors have been having sex in their open window again. I’m tired of hearing that loud woman across the courtyard have screaming orgasm. It seems calculated to be controversial and scare the bejeebies out of the notoriously insecure straight males. In suspiciously related news, controversy has erupted over a supposed anti-abortion ad featuring some nut-job, religious-whacko college football player. One interesting bit in Apple’s promo materials though. Now I’m not a Trek expert by any means but haven’t electronic pads largely replaced paper and books in the world of the Federation?

The usual suspects already are riled up over Superbowl ads. I’m not going to get into the details because a) I never heard of him and b) I really don’t care that much.

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Ziva and Tony run into Terry Simmons, a student that Craig was recently recruiting.

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