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Fact that most women are much more important in terms of the pros and cons. They use them to be "normal" and to meet normal people.Katy Perry might be super serious with Orlando Bloom right now, but back in 2014 she admitted to using an online dating app and even said she was seriously into it.However, she then backtracked on her words in another interview and said she would never use it! Di Caprio and Duff are not the only celebrities that are supposedly up for finding a companion (or two) online, though.Over the past year, many well-known names have been linked with the site and IBTimes UK has rounded up a few of them.We register with an online dating service to maximize our presence, build up our profile and status, add more connections, and to become more popular.

It started out with being curious about what this Internet dating buzz is all about but then she enjoys just having fun talking to people."Celebrity X" is registered with and on her profile, she posts that her career is working as a comedian and that she is interested in coffee and conversation.

Lohan tweeted way back in 2013, that she found her younger brother Michael's profile on the application which would indicate that The Parent Trap actress has got an account of her own in which she does her snooping.

You are unable to look through other people's accounts unless you have one yourself, so chances are Lohan does indeed have one, even if it just to spy on her siblings!

Made through links in this post is it safe to assume.

Ring personals is one out of every dating celebrities who 4, 293 have no good a beautiful girl than an average american.

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With the rise of online dating, it's not just normal people that have started using this as a way to meet people, but it's also celebrities!

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