Chinese men and black women dating

She's very slender and not one of those fat auntie types.

Her skin also isn't the kind of oily/greasy black but rather black-brownish and more brown.

I’m a bit surprised at men’s openness to interracial dating.

While I’ve personally dated women across the racial spectrum, I’ve only had a handful of clients who ever expressed preferences for women of other races.

The idea of dating or marrying a Chinese man never really crossed my mind before I first came to China in 1999.

That’s probably the last thing you expected to hear from a woman known for writing and blogging about her marriage to a Chinese man, but it’s true.

Even the handful of Asian men who went to high school with me in my very white, very middle-class suburb didn’t seem to date anyone, let alone a girl like me.When I think back to the months I spent in preparation for that year of teaching English in Zhengzhou, I draw a blank on Chinese men, apart from one simple thing.I assumed they weren’t dating material for me, and I wasn’t alone.The policy is now gone, but challenges that resulted from it remain."Following decades of the one-child policy, China is now faced with a shocking gender imbalance — for every girl below the age of 18 in China, there are now three boys," the article noted.

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This isn't my normal focus, but I found this dispatch from the good people at China Smack amusing.

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