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Some psychologists employ either CBT or mindfulness – whilst others combine the approaches.

In treating depression and anxiety, Dr Coleiro works flexibly within these approaches – bringing in the components of each perspective in response to the needs of individual clients.

When you do cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you overcome your social anxiety, you choose specific personal goals to work on, both in therapy sessions and in your self-chosen therapy homework.

Common goals that some people choose to work on in social anxiety therapy include:improving your mood and self-confidence The National Social Anxiety Center is a national association of regional clinics with certified cognitive therapists specializing in social anxiety and anxiety-related problems.

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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy The main components of CBT are spelled out in its name: Cognitive = Thoughts.

Some of the areas covered: - How to confront anxiety - Learn to love yourself more - Understanding the functions of the mind - The relationship between spirituality and self-help Understanding the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?At the same time, the emotions and behaviors (C) give feedback to the thought (B), making it stronger.In this case, getting fired (A) has produced my thoughts of worry (B), which has caused me to feel and behave in an upset and dejected way (C).According to this model of CBT, the 3 parts (A, B, and C), are in a constant feedback loop.The situation (A) produces the thought (B) and the thought (B) produces certain behaviors and emotions (C).

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