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Occasionally men inappropriately touch women during dates.

Date conversations include stories about strippers, pimps, and other people.

Their life is simple, men are the same soldiers and miners, are subject to certain ritual practices, which have much in common with the mythology and religious rites of the tribes of northern Amazonia.

South Indian wedding traditions and ceremonies are no exception.As one enters the place or venue of ceremony of a South Indian wedding, one notice things such as full-grown plantain trees tied to both the gateposts, festoons overhead of mango leaves, and screw-pine petals that never fade, notes of the Nadaswaram, the South Indian Shehnai, Kolam or Rangoli designs at the doorsteps and the like.On the evening prior to the wedding day, the bridegroom is brought in a procession from a temple in a flower-adorned ride.This Puja or worship is followed by a presentation of a dhoti, and a saree to the espousing couple.This is performed to propitiate the 9 astral planets that rule over human destiny.

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