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Sub Get Data() Dim str Where To Copy As String, str Start Cell Col Name As String Dim str List Sheet As Stringstr List Sheet = “List” On Error Go To Err H Sheets(str List Sheet). Select ‘this is the main loop, we will open the files one by one and copy their data into the masterdata sheet Set current WB = Active Workbook Do While Active Cell. If you want to learn how to develop applications like these and more, please consider joining our VBA Classes. I have also made use of UDF (user defined function) to find the last cell in the column that we specify.

Close Save Changes:= xls Files = Active Workbook r = ws Master. Children are able to compare fractions, and know how to work out equivalent fractions. It really comes as no surprise that more and more people are starting to budget as the economy tightens up. This allows us to paste data onto separate sheets within the same workbook. We then switch back to our main workbook and select the sheet where we want to paste the data, I have assigned this to the variable called “str Where To Copy”.

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