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During rehearsals, Alek was so distracted by how hot Emma was. before heading out to get dinner in West Hollywood.

Their chemistry was amazing and their dance was so passionate that Erin Andrews asked if they could go on a date together. And they looked absolutely smitten while holding hands. In fact, Maks and Peta couldn’t be happier now that they’re back together.

As for whether Spicey had the skills to truly compete on 'DWTS' -- our source said, "He's not a good dancer." That hasn't stopped plenty of other celebrities, but we're told Sean just didn't think he had the time it would require.

Nyní se můžete podívat na fotky žen žijící ve vašem okolí.

Who remembers their magical proposal that happened during last season?

However, while they were first planning a summer wedding this year, it’s all been postponed for the moment. But it’s kind of wedding season,” Emma revealed of her plans.

That being said, Bonner has vehemently denied that he’s involved with Sharna or anybody else, for that matter.

In an interview with , Bonner said that he is “100 percent single” and “fully available.” Burgess also admitted her single status to the outlet, saying, “I’m not [dating anyone either].

But our priorities obviously are getting Bonner through this competition as far as he can possibly go.So in the mean time, we're having a lot of fun getting to know each other and we do have great chemistry."That’s all well and good, but I’m thinking that the lady and Bonner doth protest too much.without immediately thinking that some of the couples are actual couples off the dance floor.Since Bonner is a professional bull rider, Sharna chose a cowboy-themed dance for his first (obvious call, but OK), and these two will never look back.I almost had to take a shower after I watched their dance because those two are pretty much electric when they’re on the dance floor together.

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"There's always surprises with my family that aren't planned, so there [will be] plenty of surprises."We can't wait!

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  1. Others think they "still got it" and boldly hit on anything that moves only to strike out. so Alex (founder of Sparkology, the invite-only dating site for young professionals) and Bella (founder of Never Liked It Anyway, the place to sell once-loved gifts from once-loved lovers) have assembled the five ways to go back from break-up to romance: Generally speaking, relationships are synonymous with routine. Go to new places, museums, bookstores, coffee shops while also reconnecting with single friends (who probably haven't seen you in months). but trying to fill the void with a replica of your past lover will only remind you of old times. For better or worse, people in relationships often let themselves slack. Take a pizza making class, attend a wine tasting, or go on a weekend yoga retreat...