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Ok, now it's time to write an application to test the data adapter events.I created a Windows application and added a button control to the form. Row Updating, Address Of On Row Updating Remove Handler this Adapter.

NET: The Complete Reference (Osborne/Mc Graw-Hill, 2003) SQL Server's IDENTITY columns let SQL Server automatically assign unique values to table rows. Note: If you are using SQL Server stored procedures to edit or delete data using a Data Adapter, make sure that you do not use SET NOCOUNT ON in the stored procedure definition. Table Mappings properties to facilitate the loading and updating of data. Update Command are generic templates that are automatically filled with individual values from every modified row through the parameters mechanism. Sql Data Adapter is used in conjunction with Sql Connection and Sql Command to increase performance when connecting to a SQL Server database.For example, an order-entry application that uses an IDENTITY column for the order ID might need to provide an order-confirmation number to the customer immediately.In such a case, you need a way to retrieve the value of the IDENTITY column and display it in your application. NET lets you retrieve and display this value in a couple of ways.

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