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If all this sounds like pure fantasy we can be encouraged by Ancient Hebrew wisdom which affirms, "And with a generous hand you (God) satisfy the desires of every living creature." Ps 1.

God wants us to accept our spiritual inheritance of a fulfilling love life.

There's a longing for a union of Spirit, soul and body which would allow the passion, pleasure and playfulness of the cosmos to dance through our being, to assist us in re-awakening to our innate divinity, to dissolve feelings of separation, isolation, and assist us in manifesting our soul purpose.

That’s when we first started making lifelong relationships happen. Read more Few scenes are as serene as watching a kayaker glide across a lake.

And few scenes are as exhilarating as watching a kayaker navigate roaring rapids.

Love is in the air, but there's one thing—you don't know how to kiss.

Well, don't worry—everybody feels the pressure during a first kiss, but some deal with it better than others.

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