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Own-account construction was defined as “the production of new dwellings and major repairs and improvements by enterprises and households for their own use".

Of the £10billion figure, £5.3 billion was attributable to prostitution and £4.4 billion attributable to the sale of illicit drugs. The ONS, which published the data ahead of the National Accounts release in September, said the £10 billion figure is based on various sources and assumptions.

One of the lesser known of these sites is Miss Travel, which, as the name implies, matches girls with rich dudes around the world, with whom they go on luxurious vacations, and hook up.

To reiterate, Miss Travel is a "dating" service that matches young girls who like money with wealthy dudes who like girls with little or no self-respect, and they go on vacation together and have sex. One of the site’s users is 24-year old Heidy Pandora, who says she’s been using the site for three years, and has been to over 20 countries with random rich dudes.

Which means we don't use fancy terms like "ipso facto", and we aren't COMPLETELY qualified to tell you if it's ok to pay for sex in these places.

When you think oil and the Caribbean you mostly envision glistening beach bodies slathered in the sweet-smelling tanning potions purveyed by the likes of Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic and others.

And of course, there are dating sites for sugar babies, a.k.a.

*Since 0,000 in law school debt didn't sound all that appealing, none of us are lawyers.

Police launched an all-out search for Robyn after she was reported missing August 2. Police arrested him at the airport to prevent him from leaving.

But during the midst of said search, while Giordano was supposed to be worried sick over his missing sweetheart, he instead tried to board a plane back to the U. Richard says he suspects Giordano had some role in Robyn’s disappearance.

As Giordano tells it, he and Robyn went snorkeling in the sea near the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in Oranjestad, where they were staying.

When he finally got back to shore, he says Robyn was no longer with him and that he couldn’t find her.

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