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Kezia Noble is the world's leading female dating expert for men, a bestselling published author, and You Tube star with nearly 50 million views on her channel.But my friend was referencing only physical attractiveness, which, curiously, most of us mean exclusively when we use the term.From this clearing, you’ll feel a new space in which you can envision dating from a truly authentic place.If you feel: It is time to open yourself up to a new path – one that feels good from the inside out, where dating is expansive and full of possibility.You can only pretend for so long before you find yourself at a crossroads.A crossroads which makes you decide whether to continue going on with your life in denial or to start actually looking for truth.With ratings, heterosexual men valued attractiveness the most, followed by homosexual men, heterosexual women, and homosexual women.

It wasn’t until I accepted that desire has political implications that I began to ask myself questions like: why are these standards so important in choosing a partner that “better” could be so easily understood to mean societally recognized as attractive?The voluptuous female bodies idealized in ancient Greece, for example, are far different from the thin bodies idealized in most of the modern Western world.When you walk into a room When you share your truth When you meet someone for the first time When you share your heart’s longing Dating with Desire is a one day workshop that will help you get clear on what you want as you navigate your way through dating.How do some of us find ourselves knee-deep in a world we despise? Take it from someone who's seen rejection and failure one too many times in life -- my job I despised, the girls I've always wanted but never got, the uncertainty in myself and my future, the constant need for validation.I've pretended to be someone I'm not or someone I should be because I either told myself or I let someone influence me into believing that's "how you look good on paper" or that's what girls want to hear or this is the way life is supposed to be in order to stay in line.

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