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My question is: What could be causing this and/or how can I solve the problem? This will be easy for Excel to fix, and probably won't result in actual data loss, but still the file is invalid, so you get the error. I made the following changes to the above code -- taking out the escaped quotes in the filename (just a personal guess) in the header setting and changing echo to readfile (as suggested here: A fundamental trade-off in dynamic websites is, well, they’re dynamic.Many times users find it necessary to remove the check box and/or edit links from the list view of any module.

Furthermore, Photo CD relied on CRT-based TV sets for home use. Their typical flicker became an issue when watching still photographs.

Photo CDs are defined in the Beige Book and conform to the CD-ROM XA and CD-i Bridge specifications as well.

They were intended to play on CD-i players, Photo CD players (Apple's Power CD for example), and any computer with a suitable software (Laser Soft Imaging's Silver Fast DC or HDR for example).

All you need is a working Internet connection and your store ID.

The Hosted Payment Page service allows your website with its own shopping system to work in conjunction with our payment service.

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I would like to make it clear in the very beginning of this post, that by writing it, I’m not supporting piracy, the illegal torrents that are breaking copyright rules and I have no relations with these illegal P2P torrent websites whatsoever.

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