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You do not need to have any specific knowledge or awareness prior to taking this course beyond being open to trying something new in your dating life and/or friendship development Graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts (and receiving the Shirley Burden scholarship while there) in 2007, Aaron has successfully used his training to create an online course that focuses on the empowerment of all people to authentically date.

From a woman’s point of view we get inundated with messages, some creepy, some lovely but lots of them, often.

I appreciate that the word has become a bit clichéd in recent years, hijacked by big businesses that use it to sell themselves as trustworthy, but bear with me!

Authentic is one of my words of 2017 (along with joy and connection).

But some of us are ducking the bullets and waving the white flag as we search for authentic beings who are acting from their heart and not their ego.

Once out of the battle, things get even more confusing as we move into whirlwind of what seems like a dating world on speed.

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