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You can tell us about exes down the road, but, for now, stick to the basics.Dating is always a fun and scary process, not to mention those butterflies that we could live without.When you decide to start a new dating relationship, it should be because you care about someone and not because you feel like you have to have a sweetie.

Every person will be ready for a dating relationship at a different time.

When dating someone for the first time it's important you make the effort to get to know them.

After all this guy could be potential marriage material.

If the meeting is by chance (or design of others) then this stage is effectively skipped. One person usually knows first and the second person may not know until the first meeting.

Knowing about them may happen in various ways, for example a man may see a woman in a bar or a sales person hears of a possible customer from a colleague.

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But making special time to spend together and apart means that you will be able to work on having a healthy relationship with the person you are dating and with other people in your life, like your friends and family.

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