Dating liars

"I don't think I would be able to date a high-profile actor the way Angelina Jolie has," she said back in May.According to the Mirror, a recent survey claims a staggering amount of people lie on first dates.37% of women lie about their age and 29% of men lie about their wage, for starters.And that’s even before you get to the 14% of women who give a totally false name – I guess they don’t want you @-ing them with your totally amazing bantz after all, boys. Maybe we’d all like to pretend to be someone else once in a while, but it seems dating is the perfect stage for wannabe thesps to try out their best fibs.

That’s why the Bible states in Proverbs : “Above all else, guard your heart, for out of it flows all the issues of life.”Are you single with some dating experiences to share about pathological liars?And, there was still some sort of continuing tie between them.But, as far as he had known, it was strictly a work relationship. Frank felt horribly deceived, and from there the relationship went downhill.Nevertheless, here is our “liar, liar, pants on fire” checklist of 7 liar signs to look for in your dating partner.Ultimately, whether a single person meets a date through one of the top Christian dating services like e Harmony, Christian Mingle or Christian Cafe, or through a traditional dating path, it’s their responsibility to keep themselves from getting hurt or being deceived by a pathological liar.

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