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For me it’s years of growing up, becoming an older man it’s time to put away childish things… From my understanding on the Spotlight register there was nobody with that name, which was wonderful for individuality, but just for weight and strength of a name and when I do pick up that wonderful big powerful award, God willing a BAFTA, I thought it’s time for the change. My father wasn’t specifically clear about it, but from my understanding he told me that when my granddad wanted to indulge in business overseas, the head of the missionary actually gave him the name and said use that because it would work out constructively better, especially during that time, to have an English surname instead of an African surname.

I understand that you’re Nigerian, although someone contested you were Sierra Leonian because of your surname ‘Venn’ clarify please… Venn is from my great granddad who was part of a missionary and was also a merchant banker.

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The idea of dating or marrying younger men is not novel to our modern society. Originally, it started as a tradition in which the wives of elder male siblings who died either childless or the widows, who chose to remain with their late husbands’ families and too young to remain single, were handed over to younger men in the families. This is even being practiced in royal families, an arrangement by which succeeding traditional ruler takes over the wives of his predecessor.

with 273 thousand followers he swaps into the role of an African mum and delivers it perfectly. Sorry to say, Linda Ikeji does not post her gossips on Instagram, so you can follow this handle in her place.This does not exclude a man enthroned as king from inheriting the wives of his late father; ditto other families in the society.This age-long practice is not limited to African culture.I wasn’t necessarily of that ilk [laughs] but I had the drive and the hunger to want to succeed. Now you’ve flipped it and reversed to where today you’re a sex symbol. So to answer your question directly, have I used this supposed accolade? If you look at my track record and the roles that I’ve played some of them have been based off my aesthetics. I don’t see it overtly as a hindrance per se now because I’ve been very fortunate as I said.But has your ‘beauty’ been a hindrance to the roles that you get offered, and have you used it to your advantage? But at the same time, I go for the ability, the technique, I go for the acting skills, that’s what I try for. Although I had those roles where the aesthetic look has been relevant, at the same time these are characters that actually have a journey, got depth to them and that was the appeal.

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