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2012 has had a bit of a struggling start; lots of trying to get dates and to no avail.

It's gotten to the point that when a guy messages me on one of the dating apps he seriously just needs to say something along the lines of "Hey, what's up? I swear it isn't hard to do but men are unable to grasp such a concept.

And if I go out with them a few times and I see that they might be a good match, I find no need in dating other guys, until I see where my current dating endeavour will lead.

So, naturally, when I met Cristiano I applied the well-known, familiar dating routine I was so accustomed to.

So we chatted a bit about that, and the terrible messages you seem to get on sites like these; he was cute but I definitely didn't feel an amazing attraction to him, physically.

After the food we went to a pub nearby for a drink, we seemed to be getting on pretty well, wasn't really any awkward silences or anything.

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