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Kaye was pregnant with the couple's second child when she and Hamilton were able to marry on Armistice Day 1945, Hamilton's first marriage having by then been dissolved, and following her second child's 1946 birth Kaye returned to writing.

(Hamilton's first wife Mary Penelope Colthurst resided in Ireland with the couple's daughter.

Tinder is unique in that it requires an advanced smartphone and faith in the stability of the Iqaluit cell system.

Had it been peacetime, I wouldn't have done it because of the way I had been brought up.

Cecil Kaye was an intelligence officer in the Indian Army; and M. Kaye's grandfather, brother and husband all served the British Raj: her grandfather's cousin, Sir John Kaye, wrote the standard accounts of the Indian Mutiny of 1857 and the First Afghan War. In 1926 she briefly returned to live with her family in India but after her father's death Kaye, displeased by her mother's pressure to find a junior officer to marry, returned to England living in London on a small pension based on her late father's army career augmented first by earnings from illustrating children's books, and from 1937 from the publication of children's books written by Kaye herself.

Kaye was born in Simla, British India, the elder daughter and one of three children born to Sir Cecil Kaye and his wife Margaret Sarah Bryson. Kaye was known - was sent to England to attend boarding school, subsequently studying children's book illustration earning money by designing Christmas cards.

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