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I am building my own hot runner manifold using Stellar nozzle assemblies that are threaded into an MNA manifold.Do I need a wire channel, or can I just lay the nozzle heater and thermocouple wires in the manifold pocket or even over the manifold?I have a DME Hot One nozzle assembly and I would like to reduce the amount of heat drawn at the tip by relieving or reducing the amount of land contact between the seal off diameter and the surrounding mold steel. I would like to download CAD files from the DME website for the D-Max Hot Sprue Bushings, but when I go to the CAD Library section of the DME Website (PARTSolutions), I do not see the CAD download data. I have downloaded CAD geometry for a DME Recycling insert, but the CAD file does not show the desired symbol.Where can I find DME Recycling Insert CAD geometry that have the symbols that I wish to see in my mold design?Separate month and year inserts were installed, or a dual-ring insert was put in place, marked with only the current year.D-M-E reports that its new dual-ring, mold-dating inserts (MDIs) record 12 months, give six-year coverage, and eliminate the need to replace the mold date insert every January. – Trace Parts List of 3D Parts Catalogs available on portal Free CAD Parts Library with 2D drawings and … Undercuts on the part require mold pieces to pull out sideways, … DMEMolds and Components, Runnerless, Finishing … Injection Molding Design Guide – A part made with a straight-pull mold is designed such that when the two halves of the mold

With this insert, molders are able to make changes to day, month, year, or work shift without completely removing the insert from the mold.This capability reportedly maximizes machine uptime and production.The metric insert assemblies consist of an outer ring that is press-fitted into the mold, and a front-removable inner insert with a slotted indicator arrow.Cashew Gate Inserts enable small diameters in the gate area and improve part surface quality.They provide automatic separation of the runner from the part and their replacement ease maximizes uptime.

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