Do you think 12 year olds dating

:/ I definitely think you should invest lots of time getting to know him and talking to your daughter about boundaries and everything. I was a teen mum myself to my daughter, I had her when I was 19!

I think you are handling things well, and I can understand that your daughter likes this boy and likes the idea of dating etc and being able to "date" helps them learn how to form relationships in the adult world, and I think it's pretty normal for the younger ones to be interested in the older ones, however I must say I find it a little concerning that a 16 year old would have an interest in a 12 year old...

I wasn't allowed to date until 16 growing up, and while I didn't like it I didn't really rebel ,but I know some do.

I do believe that people at any age can experience true love. lol But the question is, would you give her away to the guy?

So far I've been able to steer through a very narrow navigable channel, but I'd like to establish a dating policy (which I didn't need to do when my other son was this age, because he was slow to mature and a bit socially awkward).

I told him, "It's too soon for 'dating' but 'play dates' are fine; and every day is too often for talking to her on the phone." (He has OCD and tends to want to phone friends compulsively.) But he wants to know when he can 'date' and I don't know what to say.

What if the love between a 20 year old and a 12 year old was pure and true.

Would you allow your daughter to go with the guy and live a life of love?

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