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Everett Golson left behind the pious environs of Notre Dame for the warm embrace of the world’s most searched porn star at Florida State.

Mia Khalifa, a rising star in the adult film industry and Florida State football superfan, greeted the transfer quarterback Tuesday with a very hospitable Twitter message and two-handed emoji.

XD By the way, this chappie is dedicated to tickleherheart. " the four of them shouted in unison and I also shouted too.

Continuous-- about 10 chapters Danny Phantom: Multi-Chaptered Story. Currently outlined for 5 chapters Ever since his near-death by Toffee's claws, Marco is plagued by nightmares he cannot remember, and every morning he awakens to a terrified Star. I don't want Aunt Anne to support me all the way, it's to embarrassing for them coz I'm not their relative or anything. I'm so sorry.." Aunt Anne said "It's fine Aunt Anne.." I answered as I frowned a bit. I also thought that, this past few days, I feel like I'm a burden to Aunt Anne and I'm getting shy of all the things that they've given especially when Aunt Anne gave me allowance to School. I think I'm gonna leave this house and find a part time job to work on. Then, on my surprised, she opened her door and stood infront of me with a smiling face. Set before the events of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown - When Queen Moon tells her daughter that she must choose a suitor to arrange a near-future marriage with, Marco must pretend to be Star's boyfriend in order for her to escape such a huge decision at such a young age. Both suffer from caring too much - just how long can their relationship take this before it begins to crack?

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