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Now, all that remains in your field code is the bookmark name, and that is all that is needed to display the bookmarked text anywhere in your document.

Oracle provides conversion functions that will easily convert values of one datatype to another.

If you are using Oracle 10g and above, community member mrdenny says you can use Insert All to insert multiple rows of data from multiple tables into one table: If you are inserting data from a spreadsheet or a comma delimited file, mrdenny says, you can create either a temporary table or an external table to load the data from.You can see the REF field underlying a cross-reference by placing your cursor within the text that appears in it and pressing Shift F9, which displays the underlying field code instead of the bookmarked text.For example, if you create a bookmark that encloses the name of a product, such as the word keyboard, and assign the name Product Name to the bookmark, and then you create a cross-reference configured as a hyperlink to this bookmark within a sentence somewhere else in your document, the word keyboard will appear at the cross-reference. Now if you place your cursor within the word keyboard and press Shift F9, Word will display the underlying field code instead of the word keyboard. This field code consists of the field name REF, the bookmark name Product Name, and the switch \h, which indicates that the cross-reference is configured as a hyperlink.automatic copyright year update will avoid any such mistakes on your site.In this tutorial I am trying to capture most common ways where people may need to update copyright year in a website.

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