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Of course this mod was supposed to be strictly "Aliens Vs Predator", but as Prometheus falls under part of the Alien series, and the Alien series fits under part of the Aliens Vs Predator series, it has been decided to merge the two mods. It's a new year, and to start it off we've launched an official website for the Aliens Vs Predator Minecraft Mod.As some of you may or may not know, this Minecraft mod has been under development for almost three whole years!The ISP provided the wrong modem, and half disabled the original modem, forcing us to have a network split between two separate modems.More maintenance will be required within the next 12-24 hours. As most of you may know, the Aliens Vs Predator mod and Prometheus mod were merged as of Aliens Vs Predator 4.0.

However, many webmasters are not aware that their own site may be negatively affected if this type of content is found on other sites.

When I meet the most engaging researchers, they’re good storytellers.

I’m keen on preserving those stories, sharing those stories, now and in the future.

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Humans of Data “Brené Brown, the social scientist, said that stories are data with a soul. Data are ways to connect with stories – data are the underlying content that researchers are sharing through their stories.

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