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To my pleasant shocking & surprise USCIS approved mine and wife's application in 20 days and we received the card today. but the guy who was doing data entry typed 20 instead of 200. in the end uscis did something right by mistake ......We are happy with the speed and efficiency USCIS and wish they could do everything the same way. we all just have to hope that uscis will continue to do these mistakes .....And although we can't show you the pictures (sorry, we'd have to remortgage all of our homes to buy them and we doubt Emma and Matt have room for all of us), we will point you in the right direction, here.The pictures show Emma Watson with her hair is a messy bun, dressed in jeans and a dark jumper, carrying boxes and baskets of her belongings to her car.If you would like to send in calendars I will post them on the site and select one as our calendar of the month.Emma, who's become known for her increasingly influential style, picked up the Calvin Klein Collection Emerging Star Spotlight Award and joined fellow honorees Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle Fanning, Shirley Mac Laine, Uma Thurman and Cate Blanchett on the red carpet.

We got our FP notice yesterday and thats when I went back and reviewed all the forms I filed.So I thought, 'Let me get an eye on him.' I stood outside his cottage on the Universal lot, pretending to read Variety, which was probably upside down at the time. I'd come over after work, spend the night and leave the next morning. in my Chevy Nova and coast down the street without turning on the engine so the neighbors wouldn't hear. He's a bit gorgeous too - the bearded gent was dubbed Oxford's most eligible bachelor and was named the best looking player by the university rugby team's Twitter account.It has been reported that the 23-year-old Harry Potter actress is in the early stages of her relationship with the rugby hunk, and the two are said to be "very much into each other".

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On an unforgettable full day date in New York with that boy who gives you the wind tunnels in your stomach.

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