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I wait in the most discreet nook of the Soho House in Los Angeles, 14 stories up, overlooking the flats of Beverly Hills.Harrelson arrives and offers out a hand to shake, only to veer off and start chatting like old friends with a bunch of large, bling-covered black men.Beverly Hills Design Institute (BHDI) is dedicated to providing a safe working and learning environment.While Campus Security plays a role in ensuring that our campus remains as safe as possible, the responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety rests with each individual.Therefore, each of us must take personal responsibility for our own safety, as well as for the safety of those around us.

I’ll level with you: I’m not much of a strip club guy.

(­Customer: “I’m looking for a yellow-bellied, runny-nosed has-been.” Woody: “Hmm, I can’t make one of those – I’m out of cassis.”) Crucially, television Woody was a straight arrow and irresistibly sweet, as when he serenaded his rich Wasp fiancée with his self-penned song from the heart: “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, K-E-L-L-Y.” I loved the show – the barroom misfits were my surrogate family – so after 201 episodes, it took me a while to adjust to Harrelson as he broke free from typecasting with a vengeance.

(Having the same name as his Cheers character presumably only added fuel to the fire.) In a few short years, he played a serial killer in Natural Born ­Killers, a basketball hustler in White Men Can’t Jump, and a crippled pornographer in The People vs.

Classrooms have been dedicated to their specific functions.

Pattern Design, Fashion Design, Mac Lab for Digital Pattern and Digital Design, Lectures Rooms, and an ESL Skills Lab, all have been prepared to welcome small intimate classes to foster Learning Outcomes.

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