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It has written to Saint Laurent asking them to "stop the use of these images, to withdraw them or to change them," Martin said, explaining that a more detailed assessment of the campaign would be made on Friday.Britain's advertising watchdog banned a Saint Laurent advert two years ago that featured an overly thin model whose ribcage was showing.The latest campaign was created in-house by Saint Laurent, which is under new young Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello whose debut collection featured a dress that exposes one breast. Ironically, the label made its name by putting women in men's tuxedos, a gesture that chimed with the rising feminist wave of the 1970s. The women are objectified, hypersexualised and put in submissive positions," Raphaelle Remy-Leleu from French women's group, Osez le feminisme ("Dare to be Feminist"), told AFP.The film – starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson – has been given 18 and R ratings in the UK and US respectively owing to its 20 minutes of S&M sex scenes.Under Hedi Slimane, the brand’s SS15 campaign was banned from the U. due to how prominently a thin model’s ribcage was showing.“The brand needs to ask itself what image it is giving, especially to impressionable young people,” Martin critiqued.Censors in Malaysia have even gone as far as banning the “sadistic” film.However, film bods over the other side of the Channel believe that is it tame enough for some pre-teens to see.

Jean-Jacques Candelier : J'ai reçu plusieurs courriers d'électeurs inquiets à ce sujet.

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Rendez-vous compte : des enfants de 6 ou 7 ans peuvent tomber sur des contenus pornographiques !

The luxury French design house is a serious #Free The Nipple advocate, but the label’s latest ad campaign proved to be too sensual.

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