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Sure, the actors are younger and “hotter” and the location has been changed to a college campus rather than a big city apartment, but the rest is all there: two girls living together, one likes the other just a little bit too much and wants to remove any hint of human distraction from their idyllic life together through any means necessary [read: psychotic behavior, violence, murder].

Rather than Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh, “The Roommate” centers around the first semester of Rebecca (Leighton Meester from “Gossip Girls” TV series) and Sara (Minka Kelly from “Parenthood” TV series) as they settle into their new lives as college freshmen.

Gishel "Isabella" Rafael is a new young actress who starred in CSI: Miami, and was in the movie Transformers, as well as appearing in an episode of Gossip Girl.

She was said to be one of the people who would possibly be playing Leah Clearwater in the movie Eclipse.

Additionally, Garrido has earned 15 trips to the College World Series, including eight at Texas, while garnering National Coach of the Year honors five times (1975, 1979, 1984, 1985, 2002), regional coach of the year accolades following six different seasons (1975, 1979, 1984, 1985, 2002, 2004) and conference coach of the year distinctions on three occasions (1987, 1995, 2002).

However, some scientists have questioned whether there is enough scientific evidence to support even the existence of these egg-precursor stem cells.She is also known as "Bella Swan" because she has so many characteristics from the character Bella Swan in the book Twilight.Fertility doctors have applied for permission to use a controversial IVF procedure that promises to dramatically improve the chances of women older than 30 having babies by rejuvenating their eggs.Sara, on the other hand, has only one desire, spending time with her new “sister” Rebecca.When she is rebuffed and her affections not returned, we quickly see a darker, scarier side of the young coed.

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