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Office hours play a big role in getting to know your prof, but Facebook-generation students often avoid the one-on-one because they don't know what to say (and don't want to look like an idiot not saying it).

Take heart, the face time is well worth the effort.

Peter Feaver is a professor of political science and public Policy at Duke. Together they have written Getting the Best Out of College (Ten Speed, 2012).

"We met 4 years ago through a mutual friend at a party.

After earning you some initial credibility, you have now made room for further thoughtful discussion around subjects in the prof's area of expertise.

Build on that credibility by appearing at future meetings on time (or even a shade early), dressing professionally, and, above all, performing your academic best. Anne Crossman is an education expert based in San Francisco.

In his lawsuit against the University of Arizona, Slater said he has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, authored or co-authored 13 books, and been awarded nearly million in federal grants and contracts to support his research.“He is also widely recognized for helping more women earn Ph.Slater has filed two separate lawsuits: one targeting the University of Arizona, and the other against a fellow astronomer, Pamela Gay, who leaked a copy of the university’s 2005 report from its investigation into Slater.Although the investigation took place more than a decade ago, he didn’t sue until Rep.Diversity in faculty should not only be sought out for the students’ advantage though; the college legacy as a whole benefits when many different perspectives are represented.Yes, it is important to have diversity in student populations but those groups are temporary college residents.

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It was an awesome financial book that tells you how to save and think about investments, but I was like, 'I don't think you understand. I'm so terrified about how much debt I'm in, I can't even have this conversation.' In some ways it totally mirrors how she didn’t tell me how much money she made.

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