Group policy not updating xp client

Windows Server 2008 Group Policy provides several new features that ease network administration.

In order to apply these new settings to your Windows XP devices a couple of extra steps will need to be taken.

Event logs are useful for tracking problems that are caused by this type of hierarchical dependency. The report also gives information about Security Settings, and connection and proxy settings for IE Maintenance. Use gpupdate, which causes policy to be refreshed immediately and permits certain options to be specified on the command line.

Gpupdate replaces and improves on the Windows2000 command secedit /refreshpolicy. For Network Connection issues, see About Network Connections, To configure a connection, and Local area connections overview For possible TCP/IP issues, see To test a TCP/IP configuration by using the ping command, To test TCP/IP connections by using the ping and net view commands, and To trace a path by using the tracert command I want to enable logging.

Then I read that XP is not supported, the client machines need to be Win 7.

An important part of troubleshooting Group Policy problems is to consider dependencies between components.

Upgrading clients selectively (e.g., by department) can increase efficiency during deployment, and automating this process increases efficiency even further.

Upgrading systems within a network environment requires a substantial commitment of time and money, especially when you deploy a new client OS such as Windows XP.

The process entails thorough planning and testing before finally installing the new software.

In more complex environments, you might have multiple GPOs linked to several organizational units (OUs), so that you can set different WSUS policy settings on different types of computer.

After you set up a client computer, it will take a few minutes before it appears on the Computers page in the WSUS console.

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For more information, see To refresh Group Policy immediately Some policy items, such as computer-assigned software, require a reboot to take effect, however. You can set a registry key that causes Group Policy diagnostic logging to be written to a file named on the client computer.

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