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""Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just like you."Are you a veteran of the L. She remarked on the matching Hawaiian shirts my wife and I were wearing. When we left we all agreed that the evening had been a huge success.

As I exchanged childhood stories with Sophie, we discovered that we had actually lived on the same street in Brooklyn at one point, and that my best friend had been her very first date. Was it a sign that Lilly and my son were meant to be? That's why I was amazed when my son called me to break the news.

dating the ‘girl next door’ – she just upgraded to a better wardrobe and hair style.

Getting your fashion right is step one in the game.

I tried dating Chinese women here in the US even, only to fail for the most part. Q: What is an example of this dedication and love expression? My first time meeting my eventual wife, we were getting ready to go eat food somewhere, she checked me out first to see if my clothes were too wrinkled, lint, etc.

"Dad, I think you'll be happy to know that I'm dating a rich girl for a change…"Ever since childhood, and especially when my son started to excel at sports, I made it a point to be his biggest fan. I think I'm finally in love." Dating in Los Angeles is hard. It's about as enjoyable as stopping at that fast-food joint you only eat at because you've been driving for miles and you can't find anything else, so you finally give up and decide to settle on that weird off-brand chain... ""Well, she's wholesome and natural, dresses down; just jeans and a T-shirt. " (I meant Sophie and, of course, Lilly.) "We could meet in a restaurant by the water."My son liked the idea of a "meet the parents." Of course, over the years we'd met a few of his girlfriends, but informally.

(: Rich families are hoarding cash, Citi says) They also prefer a woman with a great personality over one with ambition—success is kind of a turnoff, apparently.

The least attractive quality a woman can have, though, is being "a drama queen" (I agree).

And when you want to add to that targeting exclusively wealthy guys – things get exponentially harder.

Doing so means you’re effectively narrowing your pool of potential suitors by about 95%, so if you want to specifically target rich men, you better have a good game plan in place in order to be successful.

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