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On weekdays, a round of 19 holes at Morley Field Disc Golf Course will only set you back .50, including rental, which also makes it one of the most budget-friendly dates going.

Depending on the outcome, you can either celebrate your victory or soothe your shattered ego with biscuits & gravy at Tobey’s 19th Hole Cafe, nearby at the "real" golf course in Balboa Park. ), to the unmistakable (and wholly unique) aroma that permeates every square inch of Skateworld's magical arena, skating here is like traveling back in time to your 12th birthday party, minus the bowl cut and corduroy pants (hopefully).

hen you think of Halloween you may immediately think of trick-or-treating. The grown up version of trick-or-treating is to treat your friends and neighbors by leaving them a pleasant surprise at their home.

Instead, treat yourself and your partner by celebrating Halloween with a fun and romantic date. This activity is often referred to as “Booing” by leaving a “Boo Bag”.

Even if you don’t find the movie all that scary, it’s still an opportunity to cuddle with your man and allow him to feel manly by comforting and protecting you.

Here’s a playlist of Halloween cartoons on Youtube. We “toured” virtual haunted houses online together! Here’s an online game that is well suited for Halloween and is based on the Salem witch trials. She says, “An online game my boyfriend and I play together all the time is Town of Salem.

Here are 3 great ones: Interactive Virtual Haunted House – Make sure you click this link at the same time because it will start immediately. There is a learning curve to it and you play with the public so that’s something to consider. Just make sure you know their username and add them as a friend then create a party and invite them and you’ll enter a round together.” 6. Use a screen-sharing app like Screen Leap and use an online Ouija Board to conjure spirits (well, not really…

San Diego’s ridiculous weather makes it possible to go for long walks on the beach 362.5 days of the year, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to do on date night. Then, bust those steps out whenever (and wherever) you see fit! Always supermarkets.) Commandment #1 for San Diegans is to not let the tourists have all the fun...

It'll be much easier just to steal these can't-miss ideas: Culture Shock Dance Center’s Intro to Hip Hop classes are specifically designed for novice dancers, so even if you get down like Carlton, you’ll learn some fundamentals by the end of the 60-minute class.

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