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It may turn out that far fewer points are needed; Birmingham City stayed up last year with the lowest total in 10 years on 44 points, although that total would have kept a team up in five of the last 10 seasons.No doubt all the managers of the clubs in the bottom half of the table will be keeping their fingers crossed until it becomes a mathematical impossibility that their club can be relegated.Portugal's Primeira Liga is the top flight of Portuguese football, featuring many sides with a rich European history.Porto are the most successful team in recent years, winning the Champions League in 2004.West Ham United have been negotiating a deal with Sporting Lisbon for William Carvalho.And without Carvalho, West Ham are risking continuing with what looks to be a limited set of options in midfield.We going to be getting the latest offering from the Alien franchise on October 7th as revealed at EGX Rezzed on Saturday.The official announcement contains some promising words.

Alien: Isolation joins the list of big first person adventure games confirmed for launch in 2014.We’ve already heard that Alien Isolation is concentrating more on intense survival horror over straight FPS action like the previous Alien game, Aliens: Colonial Marines The developers are also working to do justice to the original Ridley Scott film.To enhance the games intensity your xenomorph opponent will be endowed with reactive AI so you’ll need to be on your toes and not pick the same hide points.Rockstar said, "with the advent of First Person Mode, 30-player Online support and other new features made possible by the new systems, your feedback, help and guidance is more important than ever to help us make the game experience all it can be." This reminder to the fans will be invaluable as online game launches are often met with many teething problems, so Rockstar wants to make sure people who buy the game next week know where to report any bugs or issues.Their support page is the first port of call, and they also mention the [email protected]"official player feedback inbox," which they say has been responsible for "tons of positive changes" made to GTA Online since its release last year.

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