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I’m a dreamer, I don’t drink, and I treat girls right.I’ve been burned by love before, though, so let’s take it slow.It seems like all my friends are looking for love online these days.

I may have nice clothes, nice cars, and 99 bottles of Dom, but deep down I’m just a sensitive, small-town guy.

I think the vast majority of people are non paying / free accounts.

If you do pay for it and message someone it is unlikely they will know you sent a message as they will not be able to read it or respond. Apparently it used to be okay when it was a free site. mode=view&cid=2772 ] I notified POF that I was raped by a member of theirs. This is a full blown investigation and Forensic lab tests prove my claim. He is well known in the community and roaming free at the moment. Beware, and even if you meet a so called reputable person, it doesn't mean you are safe.

It’s a lot of pressure to put on a single piece of writing.

So to take some of that pressure off, let’s see how some of our favorite fictional characters would fare at online dating in this day and age: Jay Gatsby (, by F.

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