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“When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better.” ~Unknown For years, I was entering relationships with men where I saw their potential to be a good match for me, if only they would completely change who they were.For twelve years, it was the same pattern until one day I finally realized something was broken.My sorority sister used to say, “If you always do what you always done, you’ll always get what you already got.” So, what was I doing that constantly attracted me to men who were not a good fit for me? Here’s what I discovered: The tape that continued to play in my mind said, “I am not able to attract a man with a steady, regular job who’ll make time for me, and is emotionally available.” So, I constantly attracted men who were emotionally damaged, who cheated on and ignored me.Now that I knew what attracted me, I wanted to figure out what made me stay in so many loveless relationships.I’m almost ashamed to admit it but I stayed in relationships I should have never started because I thought I could save them. As if I had failed “him” somehow, because I wasn’t even good enough, much less better.They were hurt and I could treat them better than their previous lover because, let’s face it, I’m better than everyone. It never occurred to me that “he” might have been just a jerk to begin with. There are many stories on the this website of people who strongly believed they could find a loving relationship, or be healed from a chronic disease, even when the external objective evidence said otherwise.

Or you don’t know how to end an abusive relationship because you’re co-dependent and you’re addicted to the intense sex he gives you.

But the bad boy cheats on you, abuses you or he dumps you and months later (even years) you pine for the man who broke your heart.

Girlfriend, there’s something wrong with your “husband picker.” Some women are intentional about recognizing the wrong man, getting out, and moving on, says e Harmony. You’re afraid to be alone and so you ignore the warning signs of anti-social personalities, you commit to a dysfunctional man and then you try to fix him.

The same applies to improving your choices in relationships.

You have to set up the brain state in which it is a subjective reality before the objective reality can manifest.

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This interaction creates the foundation for how we interact in our adult relationships.

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